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Nitzana Ecological Park

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Situated on the border with Egypt, the Nitzana region is in one of the most remote areas of Israel’s Negev.

The Negev region constitutes over 60% of Israel’s land mass, yet only 8% of the population reside there. Given the demographic pressures in the country’s centre, development of the Negev is key to Israel’s growth and sustainability.

JNF’s 2020 Green Week campaign is raising funds for the development of the Nitzana Ecological Park. The park will transform an old wastewater treatment plant into an oasis, featuring picnic areas, cycling trail, recreation areas and playgrounds. The park will also attract many rare species of birds on their migratory route.

Nitzana Park before and after



The project will also involve expanding the existing water reservoir, taking waste water from the surrounding neighbourhoods and recycling it for agricultural use.

The park will lift the morale of Nitzana residents, enable the arrival of new families, support the growth in eco-tourism and contribute to building a viable future for the residents along Israel’s Southern periphery.

Together we can help secure the ongoing sustainability and security of Israel’s South.

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