Jesse Traub and the Blue Box

Jesse Traub and the Blue Box

Hayley Traub’s mission began with a simple online request for a Blue Box from the Jewish National Fund’s website, all thanks to her 3-and-a-half-year-old son, Jesse.

Jesse attends Mount Sinai Kindy, where he learns about the importance of giving. Inspired by the concept of “tzedakah,” he eagerly put money into the collection box at school every Friday. This ritual sparked a dream in him – to have his own Blue Box at home, continuing his charitable journey.

Salome Woods, NSW Blue Box coordinator with over 40 years of experience, was intrigued by the new collector and decided to make a heartwarming surprise. She sent Jesse a lovely box of coloring pencils, along with a few more thoughtful gifts, and of course, a shiny new Blue Box.

Touched by her son’s benevolent spirit, Hayley wrote a heartfelt card expressing her pride in Jesse’s generosity at such a young age. This story of Jesse’s early foray into the world of kindness, his mother’s unwavering support, and Salome’s touching response highlights the power of nurturing compassion, even in the heart of a young child. It’s a heartwarming tale that emphasizes the significance of small acts of kindness and their profound impact on those we cherish. Jesse’s dedication is helping Israel grow, and he deserves a big thank you!

Jesse and his Blue Box collection