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The Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel is one of the lowest socio-economic groups in the country. Low levels of formal education in the Ethiopian community have led to high rates of unemployment and crime, juvenile delinquency and a vicious cycle of poverty.

‘Hod to Success’ seeks to empower Ethiopian children and young adults in Israel by providing them with the tools to make a difference in their own lives and those of their families. It does so through a unique holistic family centered approach and by focusing on education and the attainment of skills.

The organization offers a volunteer mentor who is in regular contact with an Ethiopian family experiencing hardship. The mentor manages the educational programs put in place for the family and also provides ongoing support for the family members in all aspects of their lives. This helps to break-down the barriers, empower the family and guide their integration into Israeli society.

Everyone involved in the organisation (including administration) do so on a strictly volunteer basis so every cent you donate is directed to the families you support. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible in Australia and in Israel.

The initiative was started in 2008 by an Australian couple, Simon and Rebecca Ehrlich. In 2010 Simon asked his good friend Drew Marks who lives in Israel to run the organisation together with his wife Gila who is a specialist educator. Tal and Simone Harpaz from Australia joined the project in 2012 and together with the Ehrlichs are the main sponsors of our families. The organisation has had many wonderful success stories since its inception.

The organization is currently financing the following activities: School and University tuition fees; private tuition fees; swimming classes; after school recreational activities such as horseback riding, lessons to improve self-image and confidence; preparation courses for the army; after school sporting activities such as basketball and soccer; psychological counselling and career counselling.

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