Geerz: Who we are
Geerz is a youth environmental education program that combines the inherent physical, mental, and emotional challenges of mountain biking with valuable lessons in ecological responsibility, environmental education and a love for the Land of Israel.

Environmental Credentials
Geerz is not only using non-formal education to enhance its unique leadership curriculum, but also to inculcate its participants with a deep rooted sense of ecological responsibility and a great love for the Land of Israel. Over the last two years, Geerz and KKL – JNF have been working together to form a long lasting special partnership.

Geerz recently took responsibility to adopt the Zacharia forest and bike trail to help ensure its cleanliness and safety. Geerz has joined KKL in its new program to help protect endangered trees in its forests. Geerz will be bringing its riders to the Britania forest to ride the bike trail. Simultaneously, the riders’ families will be building wooden birds houses to attract birds to live in the forest. The birds feed off of a certain caterpillar which has been killing the forests’ trees. Hopefully this newest venture will yet again forge a more deep and meaningful bond between Geerz and KKL.


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