Firefighting – repairs to Gaza communities

Our Israeli brothers and sisters living on the border with Gaza are facing a wave of extreme terrorism. Sirens at night wake terrified children as they hear the sounds of the Iron Dome shooting down deadly missiles. Flammable balloons and incendiary kites drop on farmlands, destroying crops, livelihoods and our beautiful nature reserves.

They have sparked fires in as many as 10 locations in the Western Negev, with 265 fires recorded. These fires have devastated 697 acres of JNF forests and agricultural fields, destroying crops and livelihoods of the surrounding community members. Every week mobs gather on the Gaza border with chants of death and destruction to Israel and the Jewish people. We are there on the ground – our Jewish National Fund – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Let’s show the world we are one.

What can you do? JNF Australia needs your support to raise funds for restoring forests and green areas within the Gaza border communities of Kfar Aza, Beeri, Nir Am, Nahal Oz, Shaar HaNegev and Sdot Negev regions.

Please join us in standing with the families of Israel’s South during these critical times.


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