Jewish Brain in Hightech (JBH)

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Established in 2013 from within the Haredi community, Jewish Brain in Hightech (JBH, formerly Avratech) is a non-profit organisation that combines serious Torah study with advanced technological training in software development. All of the JBH graduates are guaranteed employment at Ravtech, a social business software company. Currently, hundreds of graduates are working as software developers bringing home a paycheck to their families who rely on them. More than 27,900,000 shekels have been contributed to the Israeli economy as a result of the project. Furthermore, thousands of family and friends see new role models in the Haredi community who study Torah and work in a lucrative profession.

With over 114,000 Haredi men studying Torah full-time in Israel, and 52% of the ultra-orthodox community living under the poverty line, JBH is poised to have a significant impact on the Haredi community and the State of Israel.

Your contribution to expanding this project will continue this welcome change within Israeli society.

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