Derech Eretz

Derech Eretz operates social-educational and leadership education programs for Israeli youth and young adults, most of who come from underprivileged backgrounds, leveling the playing field across all sectors of society. Programs are offered at the important junctures of early adult life, and on a continuum from the time high school finishes, before military service, throughout military service, during the transition back into adult, civilian life, completely changing their life’s trajectory.

Founded in 2011, Derech Eretz’s bottom-up initiative intends at minimizing social gaps while creating engaged citizens and, ultimately, building a better future for Israeli society.

All programs aim to:

  • Deepen participants’ knowledge of our Jewish heritage while promoting mutual respect among Jews of all backgrounds, nationalities, and denominations
  • Provide exposure to all facets of Israeli society
  • Instill a love of Eretz Yisrael
  • Enhance social skills and social responsibility
  • Provide positive experiences in which participants learn how to face challenges
  • Break down the silos in which many communities within Israel reside

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