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For over a century, money raised in Blue Boxes has assisted Zionist pioneers in their efforts to build the infrastructure of a modern,
thriving State.

Today, the Blue Box remains a powerful symbol of Jewish unity and a reminder of the part every Jew can play in strengthening Eretz Israel.

This Pesach, with your help, JNF is supporting Kadima Youth Centres in the Negev in our mutual goal to support the most vulnerable in Israeli society.

Lasova’s Kadima Youth Centres network operates within the social-economical Israel periphery, meeting and adopting children and youth at risk of disadvantaged families, creating a safe space for them, and enabling opportunities that enhance children’s capabilities.

The Youth Centre programs encourage children and equip them with the tools to fit into society, nourishing their development and preparing them for the future.

The after-school programs run all year round and provide individualised programs for each participant.

These programs aim to empower and advance participants to enable holistic development in all spheres of their lives.

  • Provide nutritious and balanced meals for those who would not otherwise have access.

  • Assist with homework if parents are unable to support.

  •  Teach English and computer programming to develop essential skills.

  • Explore and expand knowledge through inspiring day tours of Israel’s national parks and sites, connect to the heritage and history, create a deeper understanding, and experience the environment and the ecology of the region.

“The youth centre is the place I love most in the world, it is a supporting and welcoming place where I can be myself, without any masks, and be accepted.” (Alon, participant in the Youth Centre in the southern town of Ofakim)

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Together we are providing a brighter future for Israel’s Negev communities and realising
Ben Gurion’s vision