BLUE BOX Rosh Hashana 2022 Protective Playgrounds

For over a century, money raised in Blue Boxes has assisted Zionist pioneers in their efforts to build the infrastructure of a modern,
thriving State.

Today, the Blue Box remains a powerful symbol of Jewish unity and a reminder of the part every Jew can play in strengthening Eretz Israel.

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Protected Playgrounds in Kibbutz Erez

For 120 years, funds raised through the Blue Box have been instrumental in, amongst other things, the developing, building, and greening of the arid Negev.

This Rosh Hashanah, with your support, JNF will continue to help the people of Sha’ar HaNegev, to ensure the protection and safe play of the children who have only 10 seconds to count to run for cover under a bomb shelter. These communities live in very close proximity to the Gaza border and are exposed to the constant threat of frequent missile attacks.

Ten short seconds. That’s how long the children in the Sha’ar HaNegev have to find safety in the event of a missile attack.
A very real threat – and sadly, often their reality.

The situation in the region can change rapidly, and residents should always be prepared to run for safety. An urgency was highlighted with the recent escalations.

With your support today, we can create safe, green spaces for children to play.

These playgrounds will also provide specialised, tactile equipment to give the vulnerable children of this region the freedom to process their deeply embedded trauma.

Your generosity will fulfill a critical need – and create an immediate impact.

Thank you for your support to secure the future of Israel’s South.

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