Atidim strives to bridge the socioeconomic gaps between Israel’s periphery and its centre by creating equal educational opportunities.

Atidim’s Cadets for Municipal and Public Service Program is a national priority that is aimed at bringing change to the face of Israel’s local government. Many of the municipalities in Israel lack quality management and professional resources. Yet, despite the demand, the number of educated young people choosing to pursue leadership roles in local public service is decreasing.

The program’s major goal is to prepare outstanding, socially-motivated young people from the periphery with exceptional leadership skills to enter key positions in Israel’s municipal civil service sector.

Atidim believes that choosing, training and preparing young intelligent people, who are sensitive to and understand Israel’s social problems, will bring a new cadre of professionals into local government and help change it from within. It will bring renewed energy and a higher quality of services that strengthen the social fabric of Israeli society.

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