Ateret Cohanim – Midreshet Kidmat Yerushalayim

Ateret Cohanim is involved in building Jewish communities and strengthening Jewish roots, centred around educational institutes, in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. Midreshet Kidmat Yerushalayim, it’s non- profit entity, primarily deals with children, education, and associated projects, programs and activities within the Old City of Jerusalem.

The communities in which Ateret Cohanim supports are located in the Holy Basin, and at times, the environment in some of these neighbourhoods can be “hostile”, with a number of terror attacks in these communities. Midreshet Kidmat Yerushalayim tries to bring benevolent relief to the families, and to the children specifically, by establishing and making rooftop playgrounds. The sad reality of the security situation in the communities means that such playgrounds are necessary to relieve some of the turmoil and suffering experienced in daily life in the Holy Basin.

In addition to the sometimes hostile environment, and security situation that brings tension and distress to the families, access to or from these areas in the Old City is problematic. Walking or taking young children in strollers/prams to the nearest nursery is impractical and effectively impossible. Midreshet Kidmat Yerushalayim tries to bring benevolent relief to the families by establishing nurseries locally.

Click here for a 360 degree rooftop view that can can be swivelled…example of what can be seen from one of our Old City rooftop playgrounds

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