Annetta Able’s 100th Birthday

Annetta’s choice of Project: Renewing the Be’eri Forest 


On her 100th birthday, instead of receiving presents, Annetta wishes to support JNF rehabilitation efforts for collective healing and growth.

In the wake of the devastating events of October 7th, the communities of the Gaza Envelope and their once-thriving forests now stand as silent witnesses to the horrors faced by the residents of western Negev. The ashes of what were once vibrant local forests serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and nature in the region.
JNF Australia, in collaboration with KKL -JNF in Israel, turns its attention to the Be’eri Forest, the area of the Nova Music Festival, where thousands of young people gathered to enjoy a weekend of music and peace. Be’eri Forest is a symbol of resilience and hope that has deep roots in the history of the western Negev. Planted by Zionist pioneers in 1946, the first seeds of Be’eri Forest were sown as an act of hope for a future marked by new life, agricultural prosperity, and thriving communities.
Today, more than ever, the restoration of the Be’eri Forest is not merely a project but a crucial step in the healing process for the guardians of this land. We invite you to become an integral part of this renewal effort, to stand alongside the people of the South in rebuilding a powerful symbol of hope in the heart of the Gaza Envelope.
Am Israel Chai! 

Donate to the Be’eri Forest in honour of Annetta’s Birthday