Ach Gadol

The Ach Gadol (Hebrew for Big Brother) Organisation is a volunteer-based social initiative that provides invaluable one-on-one support for lone IDF soldiers in Israel.

The project aims to:
• Create a support system for lone soldiers throughout their army service
• Promote social involvement in Israeli society
• Strengthen Jewish identity and connection to the State of Israel
• Deepen the values of Zionism and love of the land among young new immigrants

There are over 7,000 lone soldiers currently serving in the IDF. About 45% of these soldiers are new immigrants, coming from Jewish communities all over the world. Another 50% are Israelis who are orphans or that come from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Ach Gadol gives each lone soldier support, guidance, and tools for coping with the ongoing challenges of military service, and especially for dealing with the challenges that are unique to those who are serving without having the support of family close by.

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